Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is my outfit for my friend's "Retro Record Party" tomorrow where we are all dressing retro and, well, bringing along old records to play in celebration of her record player finally working. I have some fake eyelashes that I will attempt to wear on the night and I'm thinking I'll go a bit more "Twiggy" with my make up but I haven't got much practice so we'll see how I go. The dress is from the clearance store for a usually pricey vintage shop, it was only $20! The shoes are my favourite pair I think, they are the highest things I dare to wear (actually not very high at all but I'm a wuss) BUT they are also incredible comfortable because of the strap and the wedge heel.(They also look much better in real life)


  1. that party sounds so fun and i love this dress, you'll look fab! x

  2. Beautiful! This whole outfit is so lovely and I can see why those shoes are your favourite! Don't you love it when you find bargains at vintage shops!

    Ayesha x

  3. Ooh I dig the shoes too! I also almost never wear heels but I think I would definitely wear the ones you have (i'm all about wearing comfortable shoes!)


  4. I love your outfit, especially the shoes! I want them, haha!
    Nat xoxo


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