Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toothy Charm

I made this one last night and I've got more bottles on their way to me, I'm very excited! I went to the bead store and made a chain but it cost me $7 which is a bit much seeing as I'm only asking for $20 for the necklace but I just wanted to get this one done and I can find cheaper ones in the meantime.


  1. This is awesome! The photo is amazing too! :D

    Ayesha x

  2. this is so cute! love yout blog and style - i'm following :) x

  3. I work in a wholesale jewelry shop! Here is our website's chain section in case you want to get some a bit cheaper. We have all the findings you would need too!

  4. I used to work in a bead shop and chains were always extortionate. Try and get some wholesale if you can, or at least buy in bulk...


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