Thursday, November 11, 2010


 My good friend Rachel is moving back to Auckland soon so we organized a daytime drinking session in the sun. We ended up on my friend Annah's boat that was anchored in the marina by the Wellington waterfront

I can't even describe how warm and peaceful and happy a day it was although I do remember lying back on a boat vowing to myself that if I had a cigarette in my hand at that exact moment that I would actually be in heaven. (This never eventuated, of course, because I don't smoke often and won't let myself buy any)

There is something mildly disturbing about being intoxicated and hungover all in one day. 
It resulted in us drinking copious amounts of lime cordial when we got home, and me grating my thumb on the cheesegrater.

I may have even got a bit of a healthy glow to my skin but I'm sure it will take a few more days(weeks, months) in the sun to really make a difference, plus that was a big step for me because last summer I inexplicably spent a whole three months worth of sunny days indoors doing...what? I don't even know.

I feel a bit silly because there are so many photos of me here but I'm not sure everyone would appreciate me putting their faces on my blog for all to see?

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