Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beautiful Belated Christmas Presents

Art Deco style watch and (please don't berate me) elephant ivory pendant. I absolutely hate the idea of people killing animals for fashion, but this is a very old necklace (1920s ish) and hunting for ivory is now illegal. The fact is that I would love it even if it was made from plastic and I know I will treat it with care and respect as the deed is already done and it deserves to belong to someone who appreciates it fully on more than just an aesthetic level.

On a lighter note, the wonderful Dahl from the blog
has nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award and first of all I would like to thank her and tell her how sweet that was and how much I appreciate her insightful and intelligent blog

Now I'm supposed to say seven things about myself so....

  1. I am left-handed
  2. I have a fully fledged phobia of moths
  3. I can fold my tongue in half and keep it there without holding it or anything (photo on request)
  4. I am obsessed with blackbirds and cats
  5. I sold my soul for a new Olympus PEN camera, and hate myself slightly for it
  6. I am happiest when I am singing to a song I love
  7. I have never left New Zealand, but desperately want to
My Nominations...
L’Arc En Ciel
  Velvet Bitchez

The recipient is supposed to link back to the givers blog, thank them, then write a post about the award, writing 7 things about themself and nominating their own favourite stylish bloggers.



  1. the art deco style watch is gorgeous!!! congrats on the award :)


  2. Gorgeous jewellery! Thanks for your lovely comment - i'm following back! :)

  3. I have fallen love with your blog! The art deco style watch is absolutely beautiful.

    Now following you- Hope you can follow back!

  4. Cute watch, I really like your blog :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  5. Gorgeous watch!
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)

  6. that watch is gorgeous. I love your #6 ( I agree).
    YOur blog is amazing. I'm now followingggg!!!!

    xxo Tess S.

  7. I think the watch and pendent are gorgeous! And I loved reading those 7 things about you. And thanks for nominating me girl!


  8. oh you are so sweet, thank you so much

  9. I'm glad you were happy with the award! I really love your watch and the necklace. It is sad what happened to elephants back in time, but I agree with you that the deed is done and that's a great piece of jewelry. I love cats too! And I also love singing along to good songs. Your tongue trick sounds awesome ;) Thank you for nominating me again! That is too sweet!

  10. that watch is absolutely stunning x

  11. Getting a belated Christmas present is so much fun because it makes it feel like the holidays aren't over yet! :)

  12. ooh hey girl, thanks for the tag! I'll have to do this for my next post :)

    and also, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE art deco style jewelry! I'd even say its my favorite style of anything ever. That watch is such a beaut and I am watching about 5-7 pieces of art deco jewelry on Ebay as I type ;)



  13. WOW! IT´S BEAUTIFUL! I´m in love with your´s´s one of the most beautiful vintage piece I have ever seen
    you have a new follower :) I like your blog :)

  14. The watch is gorgeous and I agree with you on vintage fur/ ivory items. If the deed has been done at the time when it was permissible, these items have all the more right to go into loving homes where people will understand and cherish them for more than their artistic/ aesthetic value.

    BTW I loved the photo of your tongue folding....I have never really known anyone who can do that and made a huge fool of myself in Ripley's believe it or not museum infront of a hidden camera trying to do that. :)

    I am your newest follower

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Canada


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