Monday, February 14, 2011

The Greatest Gift Of All....

Hi guys! This week I met up with my good friend Sarah and she gave me this crochet cardigan, which is amazing. I love the flower details. She also gave me a sleeveless blouse with a peter pan collar in some sort of Flintstones style print, I'll post about that later. Random gifts of clothing are definitely the best, wouldn't you say?

Pretty sure this is another maternity dress, but it falls so nicely and I always figure I can keep it till I actually need something that still fits if/when I have kids

Check out my first attempt at a spin shot, I'd probably give it about an eight if my left arm didn't look like it wanted to punch someone

P.S Sorry for all the above knee shots, I have relatively straight knees but in photos they often appear all gnarly and twisted and I kind of have a complex about understand.


  1. I love your pictures, you always look like you're being caught doing something baaad! Love the last shot so much doll!

    xx - Lera

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  3. That dress is to die for! The colour blue suits you brilliantly, and i would no have thought that was a maternity dress. And yes, random gifts of clothing are definitely the best :)
    p.s- I totally know how you feel about being self conscious about knees. I atually have knock knees and i tend to only have photos that avoid showing them *sigh*

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  6. Hi doll face, first off that crochet cardigan rules! I love how it drapes, it seems like it would go well with so many things. Also, I attempted spinny photos a few days ago since I was wearing a pretty dress that just needed to be spun in....too bad I looked pretty derpy in the photos so I don't think I'll be posting them....ever. You however, look cute :)


  7. I love this dress and the crochet cardigan, I wish I had friends that gave me gifts like this (I have quite a different style to the rest of my friends) :(

    Your knees look fine dear and all your shots are lovely so don't worry.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it was really really sweet :) xxx

    p.s I love your outfit in the previous post x


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