Monday, February 7, 2011

School Days

 I thought I'd get my school kid scowl on for this one
 And a LookBook style pose...with the necessary leather satchel
 It looks a bit ridiculous with the outfit, but I thought I'd take the chance to introduce you to my new jacket in all its fake fur goodness. Super warm and comfy for the upcoming winter.

The dress is from an op-shop, but it's actually a uniform pinafore for one of the local private schools...I couldn't go past it though, especially at $3


  1. I love the picture with the satchel, absolutely adorable!

    p.s. the scowl totally works!

    xx - Lera

  2. You manage to look adorable even when you scowl, not an easy feat! and whhhaaatttt, you wanna do some sort of candy for jewels trade off? Well i'm not one to refuse a handmade treasure, especially not one of your creations! I'll have you know that I placed your candy package IN my etsy order pile so off to the post office it goes with me tomorrow morning. Those Jolly Ranchers will be yours!! :)


  3. What an adorable dress, the vivid blue colour is perfect for you! The satchel and coat add to its loveliness!

  4. I love this outfit, you look so cute, I love 60's fashion and you pull it off with ease. Love your style Missy xxx

  5. This is so utterly perfect! The cute little pinafore, the satchel. Great style, and I actually love love love this outfit. Following! Thanks for you sweet comment - and sorry for the late reply. Panda xo

  6. gorgeous outfit! i don't think i;ll ever look at a school uniform dress the same way again. amazing ♥♥

  7. Beautiful outfit

    Love minnja

  8. those boots and that satchel are amazinggg! love it :)

    hope you'll follow/visit

  9. the dress is really cute, my uniform was nowhere near this adorable :( love the satchel too! x

  10. Haha that's so funny that it's a uniform! It looks really cute with this outfit (great bargain). haha Lookbook style pose, love it! And lovely faux fur coat, looks uber warm :)


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