Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nightwear as Outerwear?

I found this nightie at the Salvation Army yesterday and hemmed it to make it less nightwear-ish. Do you think it works? I love how light it is to wear and how it looks good belted and unbelted.

As many of you would have heard, there has been a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, NZ.
It's so strange for people of my generation because we have never had to deal with a national disaster - the last fatal earthquake we had was in 1968 with only 3 deaths. This time there are nearly 100 confirmed dead and 200 missing. It's pretty harrowing stuff seeing as I have family that are trying to get out and continuing aftershocks are putting them in constant danger. The worst thing was turning on the news at midday to see it all unfolding, it didn't seem so bad at first as we are used to news of aftershocks since the September Quake but it's just been getting worse and worse. I wish I had some money to give but I don't so the most I can do is look after my family while they are up here. Anyway enough doom and gloom, I hope you all keep NZ in your thoughts this week and have fun in whatever you do because you never know what might happen.


  1. You look lovely in the dress, I wouldn't have known it was a nighty!

    Have had everyone in NZ in my's so hard to comprehend the devestation.

    xx Claire

  2. You know that NZ is in my thoughts--and I'm so glad that you're okay!


  3. You did well with that nightie transformation, it looks like such a cute dress.

    My prayers go out to you and everyone in NZ.


  4. This definitely works!
    Keeping NZ in thoughts and prayers x

  5. That dress is so cute, it definitely works! :)

    Sorry to hear about all the devastation in NZ, my thoughts are with you all xxx

  6. lovely dresses!

    xoxo Floortje

  7. I think the dress looks really good, really cute for summer! :)

    star-crossed smile

  8. Also, sorry to hear about NZ, definitely keeping it in my thoughts.

  9. You have an incredible blog! I'll be following in the future xo

  10. Such a cute dress.

  11. Hey, idk if you ever check this thing, but I live in Welly now so we should hang out!

  12. firstly, amazing dress, love how you hemmed it; i used to wear negligees as outer ware constantly. they are feminine and so soft.

    secondly, and more importantly, so sorry to hear about the devastation. the world has seemed like a wild and tumultuous place lately, and even with all the political, economic, and social challenges we as humans face, still, mother nature and the forces of physics prove time and again that they reign supreme. you are in my thoughts!

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  14. lovely and delicate dress.
    it definitely works

  15. So chic, so cute, so fashionable. love that dress :)
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  16. This is so cool! I absolutely love the fact that you're wearing pretty nightwear and outerwear! The nightdress looks so lovely on you!

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