Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nightwear as Outerwear?

I found this nightie at the Salvation Army yesterday and hemmed it to make it less nightwear-ish. Do you think it works? I love how light it is to wear and how it looks good belted and unbelted.

As many of you would have heard, there has been a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, NZ.
It's so strange for people of my generation because we have never had to deal with a national disaster - the last fatal earthquake we had was in 1968 with only 3 deaths. This time there are nearly 100 confirmed dead and 200 missing. It's pretty harrowing stuff seeing as I have family that are trying to get out and continuing aftershocks are putting them in constant danger. The worst thing was turning on the news at midday to see it all unfolding, it didn't seem so bad at first as we are used to news of aftershocks since the September Quake but it's just been getting worse and worse. I wish I had some money to give but I don't so the most I can do is look after my family while they are up here. Anyway enough doom and gloom, I hope you all keep NZ in your thoughts this week and have fun in whatever you do because you never know what might happen.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jolly Ranchers Ahoy!

The lovely Ashley over at
MILK TEETHS was kind enough to send me some amazing candy all the way from the States! This is me enjoying one. My favourite is watermelon, what's yours??

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moa Point

Today Laf and I trekked out to Moa Point which is in Wellington Harbour. Aside from being right by the airport and planes landing every three minutes, it's really lovely out there.

There was this young sea gull that kept trying to get it's mum to feed it haha, it screeched for ten minutes non stop, I felt kinda bad for it but that's nature I guess and it has to learn.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sports Are For Squares

This amazing blouse is another gift from my friend, it has a lovely peter pan collar but for some reason it's on the back of the top, so I wear it backwards....

My skirt is unashamedly and quite obviously a netball skirt. It's funny that I own one now after years of despising the "netball girls" at school who were co-ordinated and had nice ponytails

My sheer thigh highs that I'm not brave enough to wear out of the house because they fall down all the time

This was supposed to be a shot of the collar but ended up as an overexposed self face shot :D

And an unintentionally depressing shot showing my shoes. It's near impossible for me to get full body shots in this tiny room, but I think I did ok!

In other news, I finally have a New Zealand passport! Now I can officially leave when I get the money, which is hopefully around May or June. Look out Melbourne!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Greatest Gift Of All....

Hi guys! This week I met up with my good friend Sarah and she gave me this crochet cardigan, which is amazing. I love the flower details. She also gave me a sleeveless blouse with a peter pan collar in some sort of Flintstones style print, I'll post about that later. Random gifts of clothing are definitely the best, wouldn't you say?

Pretty sure this is another maternity dress, but it falls so nicely and I always figure I can keep it till I actually need something that still fits if/when I have kids

Check out my first attempt at a spin shot, I'd probably give it about an eight if my left arm didn't look like it wanted to punch someone

P.S Sorry for all the above knee shots, I have relatively straight knees but in photos they often appear all gnarly and twisted and I kind of have a complex about understand.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cat Spam

This is a cat from my street who randomly comes up to my house and hangs out for a bit, although today he was here for about 5 hours just making the place his own.

You yawn, I yawn

Vampire Cat

Monday, February 7, 2011

School Days

 I thought I'd get my school kid scowl on for this one
 And a LookBook style pose...with the necessary leather satchel
 It looks a bit ridiculous with the outfit, but I thought I'd take the chance to introduce you to my new jacket in all its fake fur goodness. Super warm and comfy for the upcoming winter.

The dress is from an op-shop, but it's actually a uniform pinafore for one of the local private schools...I couldn't go past it though, especially at $3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Week

A few snaps from the past week. The last one is my absolute favourite, I love the colours and that tropical looking plant and the light shade behind us.I hope everyone is surviving the winter alright, it's summer here and we have just had weeks of hot, muggy cloudy weather. I just want to see the sun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Candy Stripes

Hello again!

I bought this dress quite a while back from the Salvation Army store, it's quite sweet but has a couple of nail polish stains on the sleeves, and for some reason I have never worn it until now. 

 I honestly think I look better in most things now that my hair is not short in a bob. I'm cursing at myself for having that hairstyle for so long now. (We're talking 5ish years, d'oh.)
These are my riding boots that I got for $4 about a year ago, I've totally thrashed them unfortunately but I think I will wear them until they literally fall off me.

P.S sorry for the weird quality to the photos, two of them were out of focus so I had to sharpen them like mad and we all know how easy it is to do that...

This last one is me outside my apartment...looks pretty dreary doesn't it? I won't lie, we have more than one type of mold growing in our flat amongst other horrible things.
Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recent Times

Just a few shots from the last couple of days. This white cat comes and sits outside my window and watches us cook, it's quite sweet. Also pictured is the cat that lives at the park we had drinks at today, it's a whore cat who wants to be stroked by everyone but won't commit and then scratches you when you touch its foot. You can sort of see my new blouse here but I plan to take some better photos because I love it!